the committees

The student parliament has four standing committees. The StuPa may set up further committees for other tasks.

Financial Committee

The financial committee supports the AStA finance department in the preparation of the budget, is available for financial questions and delivers opinions on financial requests in the StuPa. Consisting of:


 Anna Schade

Katharina Höfner

Jannik Volk

Committee for Equality

The commitee for equality ensures the non-discriminatory procedure in the StuPa and is convened in an emergency to denounce further actions. Consisting of: 

Anna Wang

Michelle Glück

Laura Merz

Daniela Stubbs 

Committee for Internal Revision

 The committee for internal revision deals with financial audits and relieves the formerly members of the AStA. Consisting of:



Ida Patzelt

Alexa Sänn

Felicitas Nilles

Committee for Ordinance and Elections

The Committee for ordinance and elections assists the executive committee and takes care of the correct elections to the autonomous units of the AStA. Consisting of:


Philipp Seidel

Jan-Hendrik Emig

Anna Schade